About Me

 DSCN1313I was working in the fashion industry in Los Angeles, and as a freelance writer for Allure magazine when I was invited to a workshop on essential oils in 2004. Little did I know how that day would spark a meaningful direction shift in my life. I lapped up the scientific research and began having experiences that amazed me; they supported my immune and respiratory systems; soothed muscles and joints after strenuous workouts; and frankincense even gave my skin a smoother appearance and helped to deepen my meditations.

My experiences and further research inspired me to begin sharing the information, which soon blossomed into a workshop series for the public. I’ve held classes throughout Los Angeles, Portland, and Sacramento. In October 2010, I was invited to host a clinic on “Stress-Reducing Essential Oils” for the employees at the Oprah Winfrey Network.

It is a joy to share new and ongoing research about the numerous ways essential oils can support wellness in our lives. o I feel very fortunate to continue to meet so many interesting people who are invested in their own health and wellbeing!

For more information or to schedule a massage or Raindrop Therapy session, please visit my website http://katfleming.net/



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